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Loving maths used to be a choice between your adoration of this beautiful logic and truth and fun puzzling – and whether the bullies in school would take you out. Not so much, these days. Kids love computer games, social media, and they are now being taught coding from an early age.

Get good at coding and maths and you have a programming and fun puzzling career for life. You are also in good company. Not all kids looked up to Einstein – but kids have a very real sense of the fact it’s the mathematical genius of Zuckerberg that made him a multi-billionaire.

The fact about maths is as you progress there’s still a tough battling out problem. Of course, it’s hoped that you are no longer adding and multiplying you are remembering. Kids don’t repeat times tables for nothing. If you can’t remember the basics you’re in for a tougher time.

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Maths and coding just like other specialties such as learning languages build connections from neuron to neuron in the brain. You don’t get a bigger brain but a stronger, smarter brain that works better. Bullied Maths Geniuses – Bill Gates maths is fun While Bill Gates was busy excelling in the field of Maths, he was certainly not great at PE and was bullied for being

When Bill Gates was just 13 years old, the headmaster had a problem. There were three schools that were amalgamating and thousands of students needed their lesson timetables producing. Well, before the schools came together this was already a complex issue. Students would pick the subjects they wanted to study. But no kid can be in more than one place at one time, and similarly neither can one teacher.

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With all those kids, subjects, and teachers, it was a complex problem that started at shool recess and went on until the kids came back to school. The kids would pick their preferred subjects, but often had to add a second choice, and third choice of subject, if it simply wasn’t possible.

Rather than attempting to solve the problem, with complex maths and juggling, he and his pal designed a software program to solve the problem. That was back in 1968! Wow. Gates was so good at Maths, that he was excused from his maths class and instead spent time pursuing his interest in programming the GE system in BASIC. This was a programming language that was developed in 1964.


Maths is fun The smallest kid that is constantly being asked to do high jump and long jump in PE is soon going to learn they have a distinct disadvantage and get tired of coming bottom of the class. Thus, they are not going to enjoy it.

But teach the small kid gymnastics, then they may very well excel as the gymnastic instructor is likely to prefer catching said child in a somersault. The child is thus going to enjoy the PE lesson a lot more. Shy kids don’t like languages as being asked to speak in a group of


Maths jobs

Architect College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus I and II, Probability and Statistics, Linear Programming Analysts use math principles to figure out the location of the victim when the blood

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Maths is fun Kinda complex – Show in terms of expectation why James Bond doesn’t win with his strategy. Here it is. 007 enter the casino

maths is fun How To Make Maths Fun

Gambling is all about maths – people love to gamble but few like maths – but why not get started with the field of mathematics called probability, by using fun gambling puzzles.