Great Maths Jobs

There used to be a time that kids that loved Maths were geeks. Now, this you may consider to be a harmless level of perception. But kids are not nice people. And that means that many kids that are great at Maths, choose to ignore their natural persuasion to this field. And that’s another kid that doesn’t fulfil their mathematical potential. There are so many amazing jobs that require you to be good at maths. After all, maths is fun!

Regardless of whether you like maths or not, loads of workers use maths in their day to day jobs. 

  • 94% of all workers use some kind of maths whether it’s a nurse who hates maths or a waitress
  • 64% of workers use decimals, fractions, or percentages, which is why every child should be helped in the ways explained in our maths made easy page
  • 5% of workers use calculus such as highly skilled trades people
Let's take a look at some cool jobs you could get if you are great at maths.
maths is fun


It’s many kids dream job to be an astronaut. But you’d better hit those maths books if you want to go to space. Astronauts are not just super fit, but they ae super smart. They perform various experimental studies in space that requires mathematical and scientific prowess. Typically an astronauts needs a bachelor degree in a subject such as biological or physical science, computer science or maths. 

Maths Teacher

You obviously need to be great at maths if you want to teach it. You could decide to teach kids, in which case, you are not going to touch on advanced mathematics until you are teaching kids older than 16. If you want to continually push yourself, then you could tech mathematics at University and even be involved with developing new mathematical theorems. There’s a lot of stability with these jobs and also long holidays. But you need to want to inspire kids and use tricks like on our maths made easy page to help all kids work on their maths skills.  

maths puzzles

Forensic Pathologists

 Once a person dies, sometimes we need to know why. Especially if the person was murdered. A forensic pathologist uses maths all the time to back date crimes and to find patterns that are not easy to see. 

Forensic pathologists are also medical doctors and look for clues from beyond the grave to help solve murder cases. It’s still tough going becoming this kind of doctor and you’ll need top notch mathematical skills to be considered for any medical degree. 

Coders And Software Developers

Coders and software developers are generally pretty hot when it comes to maths. You’ll often find that maths and computer science come in hand in hand. The sorts of maths that software developers use calculus for algorithms, mathematical logic and abstract algebra to understand the foundations of computer science. They also use all kinds of maths such as graph and set theory, and even probability and statistics for queuing theory and data analysis. Coders believe maths is fun, and so do it everyday for a living. 


You’ll need to be good at maths to become a doctor. Maths and sciences are highly correlated and entrance to a university will be dependent on you having good maths skills. In the job, you’ll need to make sense of numerical data regarding a patient’s test results and ordering their treatment also numerically. Some doctors get involved in research which also means statistical analysis at a high level is required.